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The 5 words you need to delete from your next email

Eliminating these 5 commonly used words will have a major impact on the effectiveness of every email you send!

Without even noticing it, many people add "qualifiers" to their emails. What could have been a powerful message, could easily be mistaken as:

Hesitant. Unsure. Indecisive and Ambiguous.


Most people think that adding the word "Just" to a request will make it sound quick or easy. If you're trying to convince someone, try explaining why instead of using the word "Just".


Adding "I think" makes it sound like your decision is not final and it is up for discussion. Or that you're unsure. Or maybe you're trying to seek input. It sounds like you're worried you'll be wrong.


The word "Need" sounds urgent but also like you're depending on the other person to complete a task. Substitute "Need" with politeness.

Instead of: "I need you to complete the presentation by the end of this week"

You could politely say: "Thank you for completing the presentation by the end of the week".


Instead of guessing (which sounds like you're pulling an answer out of thin air), use a word that conveys you've assessed the past and present to forecast the future.

In certain situations you will have to use the word "Guess" but when it can be substituted with a better alternative, go for the latter.


When you want something of utmost importance done immediately, including a few adjectives will rarely motivate or inspire. Instead, why not share your logic behind the reason, action or decision? This should help motivate or inspire someone into action.

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