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We strive to ensure your employees receive a comprehensive learning experience and are able to apply
the knowledge acquired from our training programs to resolve real, professional problems.


With our unique and engaging approach to Public Speaking and Communication - We ensure that every participant is fully
immersed, entertained and excited to learn and apply their knowledge, whether they train virtually or in-person.

All of our courses are designed with a well-defined knowledge transfer strategy in mind.


To us, learning does not start and stop with the training session.
We take care of all stages of learning transfer: Before, during and after.


* Carry out a thorough training needs analysis.

Identify the purpose of training.

Align learning outcomes with business goals and on job tasks.

* Meet the learners.

* Conduct a 3-step thorough evaluation of each participant.

* Certain criteria may not apply for
Public Workshops.


Clearly define learning objectives to set expectations and clarify goals.

Prioritize content and eliminate

Draw upon learner’s prior knowledge and create associations.

Use instructional strategies to establish relevance.

Align content with real life job roles and responsibilities.

Provide action plans to retain and improve motivation.


Supplement training with “Social Learning” with a buddy system and mentor (if needed).

Provide a refresher course / problem solving sessions to improve recall of key learning concepts.

Arrange post-training follow up sessions which let trainees practice their skills or discuss their experiences as they try to apply their knowledge on the job.


In every course, we encourage our participants to understand by learning, experience by doing and practicing to perfection.
We challenge and push boundaries, motivating participants to leave comfort zones and push themselves to excel.

Additionally, we encourage our participants to teach others, which in turn improves knowledge transfer among those who attend.

Each individual will receive personal feedback, with time allocated for self-reflection. This approach to learning helps to
change routine behaviors and jump starts the initiative to achieve greater confidence and success.

Our trainers, who deliver our programs, have a background and real-life experience in business, education and entertainment.

All of which are essential to ensuring that participants:


Understand the training, absorb the lessons learnt, digest the information

given and can immediately apply the knowledge, skills, techniques and strategies in their professional lives.


We specialize solely in Communication Training & Development.

All participants under-go a 3-Step trainer, superior and self evaluation process.

* Not applicable for Public Workshops.

Enjoy engaging lessons.

40% theory and 60% practical, practice sessions.

Fun training sessions combined with clear and practical purpose.

Continued support via our community: Blogs, forums, newsletters and more.

Social learning encouraged with online forums, buddy systems and free resources.

Generate branded flyers and PDF certificates for internal promotions.
* Not applicable for Public Workshops.

Our team is made up of experienced trainers / facilitators.

Participants are made to feel comfortable and interactivity is encouraged.

All participants encouraged to adopt a “Coaching Mindset", strengthening knowledge transfer.

Group and solo exercises are designed to combine intellect & emotional intelligence.

Video-taped presentation practice to analyze and evaluate improvement during training.

* Not applicable for Public Workshops.

We'll handle, organize and streamline all bookings and co-ordination.

Follow-up training provided at only half the price.

* Not applicable for Public Workshops.

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