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We are passionate about understanding your needs and transferring our knowledge in a way that best meets your learning and development goals.

We may be a small but we work hard, we're passionate, committed and we enjoy what we do!

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Founder, Creative Director & Trainer

Natalie Kniese is a Radio Announcer and TV host with more than 15 years of experience in the Malaysian and S.E.A entertainment industry. Natalie is also a driven entrepreneur with businesses in Events, Short-Term Rentals and Public Speaking and Communication coaching.

With her years of experience in the industry, Natalie can be regarded as one of the best public speakers and instructors in Malaysia; having spent more than 15 years learning the art via real-life, in-depth experience:

As a radio announcer, Natalie hosted a Drive Time radio program on Hitz FM for 6 consecutive years, which garnered over 855,000 listeners per week: A record on Malaysian airwaves.

As a host and ambassador, Natalie has worked with Marriot, Sephora, Shell, Air Asia, Discovery Channel, Nike, Maybank, Renault, Loreal, Cadbury and many more. In recent years, as an entrepreneur: Natalie has used her communication skills to negotiate and close deals with industry leaders such as W Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airports and Dior.

Natalie has immersed herself in years of practice, diving headfirst into the deep end and perfecting her public speaking skills with each opportunity she receives.

She now shares her experiences and knowledge in intensive workshops and coaching sessions, which have been carefully engineered to ensure that every single participant is able to understand that communicating effectively is a skill that can be learnt and that there is joy in sharing your ideas with others.

​All workshops are intensive, informative, interesting and most importantly: engaging. Natalie teaches from experience and the experience that she has lived - Is priceless! Participants are made to feel welcomed, comfortable enough to push boundaries and motivated to grow and learn with others - No one is left behind.

Work aside, Natalie enjoys being outdoors in the tropical heat, either playing tennis or running and spends her downtime watching true crime documentaries on Netflix.

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Co-Founder, Managing Director

Misha Shah is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of NK Communications PLT. Her roles include: Management, business development, operations and financials.

Prior to joining NK Communications PLT, Misha spear-headed company success as the Managing Director of Atelier Fitton, a menswear fashion label and Einsteins Laboratory, a tuition center aimed at supporting the education of teenagers and young adults.

Her exceptional entrepreneurial and networking skills have led Misha to be recognized and featured in The Star, The Edge, BFM 89.9, Harper's Bazaar, Glam Magazine, Elle Magazine, Nona and The Prestige for her dedication to her work.

Misha holds a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising from the RMIT University, in Melbourne - During which, she won numerous business planning competitions. In addition to that, her thesis was also the top 6 chosen to be exhibited at RMIT.

Misha strongly believes in developing minds to seek inspiration, learning new things and investing in education to face new challenges. She believes that this in turn can lead individuals to becoming productive members of their communities and society as a whole.

Outside of the office, Misha remains committed to education by tutoring Mathematics. A passionate educator, Misha finds tremendous joy in instilling knowledge onto others.


Misha also enjoys participating in yoga classes, centering her mind in meditation and traveling to explore the world for inspiration.

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